Tabla Taal Tarang

Electronic Tabla Taal Tarang


Tabla Taal Tarang
inclusive of a Bag and Power Cable
Price: 199.-- Euro
Inclusive of 19% V.A.T.,
exclusive of shipping costs

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Size / Weight

Size: 17,5 x 9,5 x 12,5 cm

Weight: 1,6 kg

Sound Sample

Sound Sample of an electronic Tabla

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Very compact and robust electronic Tabla with metal housing. Compared to the Riyaz Master predecessor model, the new Taal Tarang version delivers a further improved, very lively and realistic Tabla sound and therefore remains the best-selling electronic Tabla instrument. As far as we know, this instrument is currently the best rhythm accompanying instrument on the market. It can be used as Tabla background during practising or in a concert.

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For anybody seriously studying an Indian melody instrument or vocals, this instrument is an ideal practice tool. The device delivers a great number of different Taals (rhythm cycles) which can be infinitely varied in tuning and speed. The following additional Layas (set speeds) are possible: fast (Drut), medium (Madhya), slow (Vilambit), very slow (Ati Vilambit). A balance control emphasises either the Bayan (bass drum) or the Dayan. The instrument offers an easy, intuitive handling and has more than 31 stored Talas (Tintal, Rupak, Dadra, Garba, Teora, Bhajan, Ektal, Deep Chandi, Jhaptal, Jhoomra, Chautal, Adachautal, Tilwada, Dhamar, Chachar, Matta, Rudra, Jai, Punjabi, Dhumali, Surfakta, Addha, Sool, Tevra, Keher and others). Together with the variations, 99 different Thekas (rhythms) in total are available. Via a programming mode you can compile any number of user-defined rhythms.

&Pitch, volume and speed are infinitely variable via control knobs. Some rhythms have additional fixed Laya (speed) settings that are directly selectable. The respective activated rhythm is counted on a display.

The Taal Tarang is the only device on the market that offers a special innovation: simulations for Pakhawaj, Dholak (folklore drum) and Duff (frame drum) in addition to the Tabla sound.

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Further Details

Line-out jack (for external loudspeaker)
Tonal range: C - e (17 half tones, infinitely variable)
4 inch loudspeaker integrated: 10 W, 4 ohm
Battery: 8 x 1,5 Volt AA
Power supply: 220 / 110 Volt
Metal housing
Colour: beige
Including robust carrier bag (black)
User manual: English, Hindi

Electronic Tabla Taal Tarang  Electronic Tabla Taal Tarang  Electronic Tabla Taal Tarang 
Electronic Tabla Taal Tarang  Electronic Tabla Taal Tarang 
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Article: Tabla Taal Tarang incl. of a bag and power cable
Price: 199.-- Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., exclusive of Shipping Costs
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