Whenever we are dealing with an order, we make every effort to satisfy our clients. We unserstand very well that when you buy a new instrument you enter into a close relationship with the instrument. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player, in any case you wish that the many hours of playing on the instrument will be rewarded by a joyful, pleasant feedback. When the instrument is not satisfactory, the joy of learning and playing is overshadowed. We would like to be of assistance for you to get sheer pleasure out of your new instrument. Especially with imports from Asian countries a sound scepticism and also in regard to the quality is quite necessary. There are too many instruments from these countries that are wrongly called instruments because quality, workmanship and sound leave much to be desired. A great number of instruments are exported that are merely souvenirs produced for tourists, because it is assumed that they are only used as exotic decoration anyway. This is why we are very wary in selecting the instruments we offer to you. We do stock different price categories but it is our principle that even the lowest category must be an instrument which you can play. All our instruments come from small to medium workshops that are specialized in certain instruments, in some cases even for several generations. Every single one of our instruments offers, in comparison with other instruments, an exceptional level of quality in material, workmanship and sound and is in accordance with the latest know-how in the art of making sound instruments. Whatever price category: from TARANG you always reveive a quality product that has a stable value.

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