Vichitra Vina

Vichitra Vina


Vichitra Vina
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Size / Weight

Size: about 137 L x 43 W x 47 D cm;

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Sound Sample of a Vichitra Vina

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Just like the Rudra-Vina and the Sursringar, the Vichitra-Vina is among the instruments that are rarely played and made nowadays. It has, like the Rudra-Vina, two large pumpkin resonators, however does not have a resonant tube across which the strings are running. Instead, it has a fretless, very wide neck-body, on which the resonant strings, the pegs and the bridge are positioned. The player puts the Vichitra-Vina on the floor in front of himself for playing and plucks the strings like the Rudra-Vina with picks on the index and middle fingers. The drone strings are played with the little finger. The pitch is varied, like the bottleneck technique of the slide guitar, by moving a smoothly polished stone across the playing strings.

PLEASE NOTE: The look of the Vichitra Vina that is currently available does not correspond with the previous model in the following pictures. If you are interested, please ask for pictures when enquiring.

Vichitra Vina  Vichitra Vina  Vichitra Vina  Vichitra Vina 
Vichitra Vina  Vichitra Vina  Vichitra Vina 
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Article: Vichitra Vina
Price: 1.290.-- Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., exclusive of Shipping Costs
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