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Indian instrument makers master the fine art of craftsmanship in perfection The sounds of classical Indian music touch the source of our being The archaic rhythms of the relative creation express itself in classical Indian rhythms Indian singing touches our souls; the direct expression of nature through the human voice

TARANG Indian Instruments stock the complete range of Indian instruments from basic to high-end professional models. For many of our instruments you have a choice of different makers as well as different quality and price categories. We generally focus on high-class selected instruments whose manufacturing and sound quality let the voice of the fine art of Indian instrument makers be heard. Only selected instruments made by reliable and renowned Indian manufacturers are included in our product range.

Apart from the instruments, TARANG also stocks an extensive supply of accessories. So you will find the fitting bags and cases for your instrument as well as all the necessary spare parts. The appropriate teaching material will help you to make yourself familiar with your Indian instrument.

Survey of Indian Musical Instruments

Click on the vertical drop-down menu, this will lead you directly to every musical instrument, accessory, teaching material or to our range of music DVDs. Clicking on the instrument categories described below will lead you to the survey pages with pictures which will also lead you directly to the desired instruments.

indische Blasinstrumente

Wind Instruments

Apart from the well-known Indian wind instrument, the Bansuri (bamboo transverse flute), in various qualities, the Shehnai (double reed instrument from South India) and the Nageshwaram, the bigger North Indian version, are available.
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indisches Harmonium

Harmonium and Shrutibox

Many years of experience with the harmonium have lead to our selection of instruments which stands out due to the constantly high quality of workmanship and sound. Also the shrutiboxes on offer rank among the best available instruments on the Indian market.
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indische Trommeln und Percussion

Tabla, Drums and Percussion

Rhythm instruments such as Tablas, double skin drums (Pakhawaj, Mridangam, Khol, Dholak, Naal), clay drums (Ghatam and Madga), frame drums (Kanjira) and percussion instruments such as Ghungroos are an indispensable part of Indian music where rhythm plays a much more fundamental role than in western classical music. TARANG has a wide range of instruments in the best professional quality available. » mehr

indische Saiteninstrumente

Stringed Instruments

Indian stringed instruments in particular fascinate also the western listener with their unique sounds. TARANG stock a broad range of the most well-known Indian stringed instruments such as the Sitar, Surbahar, Tanpura, Sarod, Santur and Sarangi in various qualities and made by different manufacturers as well as less well-known instruments such as Esraj, Dilruba and different Vinas. » mehr

Electronic Instruments

Electronic Instruments

Electronic Indian instruments are an essential aid for practising and for accompaniment. Electronic tablas can be used for accompanying melody instruments as well as for the rhythmic classical Indian dance Kathak. Electronic Tanpuras deliver a tapestry of sound which is suitable for all melody instruments as well as for Indian vocals and they often replace a Tanpura player on stage. » mehr


Accessories, Cases, Teaching Material

A wide range of Indian musical instruments requires a just as wide range of accessories. TARANG offers everything you need for your instrument, from bags and different cases to strings for the different stringed instruments to spare parts. For the best known Indian instruments you can choose from a wide range of teaching and information material.
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