Dilruba with Guitar Mechanics

Dilruba with Bow


Dilruba with Guitar Mechanics
Price: 689.-- Euro - Incl. of 19% V.A.T.
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Size: L 100 cm x W 20 cm x D 16 cm

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In contrast to this model whose sympathetic string pegs are made from wood in the traditional way, we carry a further fully mechanical model whose pegs for the sympathetic strings and for the playing strings are guitar pegs. Apart from that, the look of both instruments is exactly the same. This is why we do not have any pictures of the fully mechanical model right now. In order to see what the guitar pegs look like, please look at the similar Esraj Model ».

The build and playing technique of the Dilruba is similar to the Esraj (see there), but has in comparison a larger, square sound box. The Dilruba is altogether a little bigger than the Esraj. The Dilruba has 20 strings instead of 15, which produces a richer sound.

For tuning and stringing of the Dilruba please see Tuning »

Article: Dilruba with Guitar Mechanics by Monoj Kumar Sardar
Price: 689.-- Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., exclusive of Shipping Costs »
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