Esraj Traditional

Esraj with Bow


Esraj with Bow Traditional
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Size: L 97 cm x W 18 cm x D 14 cm

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We stock another fully mechanical model where, unlike this model whose sympathetic string pegs are made from wood in the traditional way, the pegs of the sympathetic strings and the main strings are guitar pegs.

The Esraj is a stringed instrument that is popular mainly in Bengal and is used for instance for accompanying Tagore songs whereas it is hardly ever played as a solo instrument in classical Indian music. The Esraj has six playing strings and 15 resonant strings. The neck is equipped with frets in a similar shape as the Sitar’s. The sturdy, solid wooden body is covered with goat leather like the Sarod, which serves as resonance cover. Mounted on this leather cover is a horn bridge which carries the playing strings that are partly steel and partly bronze. The sympathetic strings also run through the bridge. The Esraj is played with a bow similar to the violin and produces a sound that is rich in overtones and resonance and which reminds of old Renaissance instruments from Europe.

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Esraj with Bow  Esraj with Bow  Esraj with Bow  Esraj with Bow 
Esraj with Bow  Esraj with Bow 
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Article: Esraj with Bow by Monoj Kumar Sardar
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