Five Star Dholak with Nuts and Bolts

Five Star Dholak mit Nuts and Bolts Stimm-System


Five Star Dholak with Nuts & Bolts
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Size / Weight

Size: Length 43 cm
Bass-Skin 22,5 cm - other side 17 cm
Weight: about 5,9 kg

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Our two Five Star Dholaks (with rope lace and nuts and bolts tuning system) are our top models with outstanding sound qualities. The Five Star Dholaks are made by a single Dholak maker in Kolkata who also supplies all Dholak maestros. It is characterised by unique craftsmanship and sound quality.

Due to the integrated tuning mechanism, this model can be very easily tuned by the included tuning key or by any other wrench. Also the skin can be changed without a lot of effort and within a short time.

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For doing so, you just have to loosen the nuts and exchange the skin. This is a great advantage since the skins tend to lose tension in our climatic condition. In that case the restringing is considerably easier than with the traditional rope lace.

The Dholak is a very popular double skin drum from Northern Indian folk music. The difference in diameter of high skin and bass skin is relatively small. In order to receive a strong bass sound all the same, the bass skin is weighed down by a special paste inside. Contrary to many other Indian drums, the Dholak has simple smooth skins on both sides. In this way it can be played not only in the differentiated finger stroke techniques that are common in India, but also with the full hand, similar to many African and South American drums. Both skins are strung by a cotton rope lace that runs through shiftable metal rings. The Dholak has been built since about 1300 AD and is used in folk music, opera, kawoali, light songs or also in film soundtracks. It is being played in the Punjab Village that is very well-known in India, in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in folk songs; in Bengal in opera and in poetic songs.

There are manufacturers galore who make different Dholaks in all price categories. We offer three selected Dholaks with excellent sound qualities, especially the two Five Star Dholaks.

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Five Star Dholak mit Nuts and Bolts Stimm-System  Five Star Dholak mit Nuts and Bolts Stimm-System  Five Star Dholak mit Nuts and Bolts Stimm-System  Five Star Dholak mit Nuts and Bolts Stimm-System 
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Article: Five Star Dholak with Nuts & Bolts Tuning-System
and Fiberglas Covers for Pretiction
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