Ghungroos for Bharatnatyam (Foot Bells for Dance)

Professional Bharatnatyam Ghungroos


Professional Bharatnatyam Ghungroos;
2 x 50 Bells, Size 11

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Size / Weight

Size: 23 x 11 cm

Weight: about 0,9 kg

The Size refers only to the red area where the Bells are fixed.

Enquiring / Ordering

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General Information

In Indian dance, so-called Ghungroos are worn, mostly around the ankles, in order to intensify acoustically the rhythmic movements of the feet. They are not considered as embellishment but as  a percussion instrument. The more bells and the better the quality of the bells, the more their sound will emphasise the rhythmic part of Kathak and Bharatnatyam. As they hardly resonate, they represent precisely the rhythmic movements of the dancing feet. Ghungroos consist of a differing number of little bells made of bronze or brass.

The Importancy of good Quality

TARANG has been running a school for Kathak and Bharatnatyam since 1988 where Indian maestros give lessons. In coordination with the dancers from India, we carry in our product range exclusively professional Ghungroos with bells of the best quality (size 11) regarding long-life cycle and optimal percussion sound. Also the standard of craftsmanship is professional.

Choosing the right size

For Bharatnatyam the same requirements apply as for Kathak. The foot bells are not considered as an embellishment but first of all as an instrument that should produce a percussion sound that is as strong as possible for the rhythmic parts of the dance. For this reason we recommend, in coordination with our Bharatnatyam teacher form India, only the professional version of Ghungroos to Bharatnatyam dancers. These are equipped with a stable and lasting Velcro fastener because the clasps used in India are a very cheap quality that easily breaks. Thus both ends of the bells can be easily fastened round the ankles and are variable in size. Sharp parts of the Velcro are completely covered. One end has two 2 flaps that are seamlessly turned down (see picture 3) and so give additional support and protect the clothes. The small foot bells that are often offered are not recommended because they do not serve the actual purpose.

Professional Bharatnatyam Ghungroos  Professional Bharatnatyam Ghungroos  Professional Bharatnatyam Ghungroos  Professional Bharatnatyam Ghungroos 
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Article: Professional Bharatnatyam Ghungroos 2 x 50 Bells, Size 11
Price: 59.-- Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., exclusive of Shipping Costs »
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