Kanjira DVD-Tutor by Hakim Ludin


Modern Percussionist Volume 1

Kanjira DVD-Kurs von Hakim Ludin

With this DVD Hakim Ludin introduces into the South Indian syllable system, the basis for developing a stable feeling for rhythm. He presents the individual types of beats from 1 - 8 beats on the smallest frame drum of the world: the Kanjira.
Language: German with English subtitles - Sound: Dolby Digital - Length: 70 minutes - System: PAL code 0

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Kanjira DVD-Kurs von Hakim Ludin  Kanjira DVD-Kurs von Hakim Ludin 
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Sticks June 2005 wrote: "All about the fascination of the Kanjira – the smallest frame drum of the world - Hakim Ludin introduces us into the highly interesting South Indian rhythm system that is going back 10,000 years and fathoms rhythmic incidents by means of syllable language and clapping techniques among others. The Talam system combines voice and coordination of movement so that a profound access to pulse and rhythm can be found. Hakim Ludin is one of the most prominent percussionists of Europe who turns, apart from Latin percussion, especially to the Arabic and Far Eastern percussion phenomena and who, with his DVD Vol. 1, now also makes the discovery of the Kanjira possible. Parallel to the promotion of the Southern Indian syllable language, you get an insight into the playing and striking techniques of the small hand drum which allows unforeseen sound options and holds a special charm as an exotic hand drum. Practices, groove patterns, striking combinations and many more are shown, two camera angles (long shot, close-up shot) also show details. When watching the 70 minute video private lesson, time goes by quickly because Hakim’s friendly teaching method as well as the fascinating exploration of this drum speak for themselves. The well-founded, high-quality and motivating involvement with the Kanjira against the background of a fascinating rhythm language is a great step towards the discovery of new percussion worlds. Hakim’s 'Modern Percussionist Vol. 1'-DVD is an invitation to become acquainted with this drum whose sound range spans the whole world. Recommendable!" (Tom Schäfer)