Madga from North India



The Madga is not any more available.

Size / Weight

Length about 34 cm;
Diameter about 33 cm
Weight: about 4,5 kg

Sound Sample

Sound Sample of a Madga

Enquiring / Ordering

The Madga is not anymore available.


Just like the Ghatam, the Madga was originally intended as a water container. In order to make it a musical instrument with a good steady sound, special care and skill are required. Each Madga is made by hand and thus is a unique item that has its own sound character marked by an individual sound and a distinct timbre.

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The Madga is made by hand on a pottery wheel and burned under special conditions and temperatures. A kind of metal or graphite dust is added to the clay which considerably influences the sound of the Madga. For this reason several Madgas can be played together. The upper opening has a corrugated rim and makes additional modulations possible. The corpus itself is smooth and shimmers grey-blueish in the light, according to the proportion of additions to the clay.

The Madga can be played in a similar way as the Ghatam but also like an African Udu. The extreme bass volume shows through striking the upper opening with the flat hand. The bulbous shape delivers a rich and full sound with an unexpected bass for such an instrument. With adequate dexterity the Madga can surprise you with very high-pitched beautiful notes and incites to strong dynamic Ride-Figures just as to gently rustling silken sounds. The slightly corrugated rim can be used for producing scraping and scratching sounds. The Madga can also be played with soft mallets (sticks) and you can additionally distort the sound by echo or delay effects. The Madga is one of the instruments that promote creativity, virtuosity and sensibility of every percussionist and lure him into a new, still undiscovered world of sound. Since the instrument is made from clay and is very thin-walled, it offers numberless possibilities for finger or mallet playing. In spite of being thin-walled, the Madga is stable and resistant.

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Madga  Madga  Madga  Madga 
Madga  Madga 
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