Tribal Madal

Tribal Madal


Tribal Madal
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This Tribal Madal will be ordered in India on request of the client. Please ask us about the delivery time.

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Size / Weight

Size: Length 36 cm
Bass-Skin 30 cm - Trebl-Skin 21 cm
Weight: about 3,3 kg

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The Madal is (like Dholak, Bhangra Dhol and Khol, see there) a popular folk drum from northern India. The Madal, however, comes in different designs. The Madal Tribal is the original instrument which was made by the Indian tribes. It is usually provided with a special white Gab paste over the whole surface of the big bass side (30 cm). The small black spot that can be seen in the image above is not the Gab but only decoration.

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This large Gab gives the drum the possibility of a good low bass sound. Traditionally, this special white clay Gab should be applied on both skins. Recently, though, the small skin (21 cm) is more and more produced with a large black Gab, as is customary for the Tabla. Underneath this black Gab, however, the traditional white Gab is still there. The white Gab in connection with the size produces a better, heavier, more sonorous and rounded sound, provided the manufacturer of the Madal is good.

The playing technique does not require a complicated fingering like in Tabla playing. It is easy to improvise on this traditional Madal. Some very few syllables have been handed down in traditional playing such as Dhitang, Dhei, Dhet, Tan, Did etc.

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Tribal Madal   Tribal Madal   Tribal Madal   Tribal Madal  
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Article: Tribal Madal
Price: 189.-- Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., exclusive of Shipping Costs
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The Tribal Madal will be only ordered in India on request of the client. Please ask us about the delivery time.