Electronic Instruments - Overview


The electronic instruments on offer can be used to replace accompanying musicians. They mainly serve as practice aid and also for concerts. The electronic Tanpura in particular is often used in live concerts. TARANG offer you a selection of different instruments in three categories. The various instruments offer the following range of usage:

Electronic Tanpura: An excellent practice aid for vocals and for melody instruments. Ideal for producing a consistent sound layer (drone).

Electronic Tabla: Includes a large number of programmed rhythms (Taals) and is thus an ideal practice aid for the Indian classical dance Kathak, for melody instruments and for vocals.

Electronic Lahara/Nagma: This is a melody instrument which includes a large number of melody loops from different Raags (harmonium simulation) in different Taals. It is a very good practice aid for Kathak dancers and Tabla players.

The instruments are compact, manageable, easy to use and ready to use anytime either operated by power supply or in some cases also by battery. All instruments have an integrated loudspeaker. It is also possible to plug in an external loudspeaker. Please see the individual descriptions on the product pages. A bag is always included.