Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Do the instruments look exactly like the product pictures?

In general you can assume that the instruments that you will receive look like the product pictures. Basically all the instruments are individually made, handcrafted products which can have slight variations (borders, carvings, colour shade of the wood) from time to time. With each instrument you will receive a unique specimen. On the other hand, since the photos were not taken in a professional photographic studio with perfect illumination, the originals look clearly better than in the photos on our website. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised by the real thing.

Are the instruments packed well enough so that I do not have to expect any transport damage?

Are the instruments packed well enough so that I do not have to expect any transport damage?
The experience of the past years since 2002 manifests itself in a very thorough, shock-proof packaging that we bestow on your ordered instrument before sending it to you. In all these years only very rarely transport damages occurred, and only through inappropriate handling on the part of the carrier. For rare cases like these every consignment is insured.

Principally you can assume that each instrument is packaged appropriately with shock and fall protection. Thus, even delicate string instruments reach their destinations worldwide undamaged.

Which parcel service forwards the instruments and what is the delivery time?

We mostly cooperate with German Parcel Post Service world wide. The transport within Germany usually takes only 1 day after handover from us to the parcel service, 2 days at the most. To all the countries which are within the European Union you can expect a dispatch time of about 3 – 4 working days. Outside the European Union the duration time depends on the Country and how we send it; by Economy or by Premium Service. The longest duration time will be about 8 - 10 working days (USA, Australia etc.).

In particular cases, for very expensive instruments or especially for large parcels, a forwarding agency will undertake the task of transporting your instrument. The transport times are similar to the German Parcel Post Service. Overseas shipments we mostly send by air freight and the duration time is 1 - 3 days.

To the dispatch times of DHL or forwarder you have to add the time from receipt of your order to handing over to the parcel service. For this you have to calculate another 3 - 4 days. In particular cases of urgency we can possibly expedite the processing time.

Are the instruments delivered adjusted in a way that they can be played immediately?

All instruments are carefully checked with regard to proper manufacturing, faults and correct functioning. Every instrument is set and tuned. By transporting, however, the instruments de-tune (more or less, according to instrument), so that a re-tuning is required. If you do not remember how to tune the instrument properly, just look at our website or send us an email and we will send you information. Especially for stringed instruments such as a Sitar it is inevitable to occupy yourself in the beginning with the exact tuning of all the strings, because only through an exact tuning of all the strings you will be rewarded by a unique sound including the richness of the overtones. Instruments such as harmoniums and shrutiboxes are also carefully checked before dispatch, tuning is not necessary for these instruments.

Why isn't there an adequate audio sample for every instrument?

For an audio sample to be able to evaluate objectively all the subtle differences of different instruments within a category (e.g. a Sitar of different price categories and manufacturers), professional sound recording in a studio together with high-quality audio devices of the prospective buyer's computer are required. The recordings at a studio are very cost-intensive and for every instrument we would need musicians who are able to play the instrument very well. If we met all these requirements, the question remains to what extent the cost, time and effort would be justified considering the audio devices of the buyers' computers. In an extreme case a small monitor speaker would ruin all the efforts made and the audio sample would probably have a deterring effect. Also there must be recordings of many stringed instruments in order to make a real evaluation possible.

For these reasons we have only reference audio samples for the various instrument categories on our product pages. They are intended for persons looking at the website who are not familiar with one or the other instrument. To get a better impression we have made a selection of video clips available on YouTube.

Regarding the quality of our instruments you can be sure that the quality of workmanship as well as the quality of sound are our greatest concern. On this topic please also read the answer to the next question.

Is it risky to order Indian musical instruments via the internet?

Unfortunately there are good reasons for asking this question. Here at TARANG you are on the safe side with your online purchase. But let us go into a little more detail. Musical instruments from Asia, and in particular from India, have acquired a bad reputation among sophisticated music and instrument lovers because of the decreasing quality of the instruments on the western market and so buying via the internet is associated with a strong feeling of risk. India is a very big country and large numbers of manufacturers make instruments whose standards are below the ones that are upheld and desired here in the west. The careful selection of the required materials and the assignment of experienced craftsmen for the respective instrument, who aim to make very good or at least good instruments with experience, skill, accuracy and care, leave all too often a lot to be desired. Even renowned manufacturers are apt to be negligent from time to time and sell or deliver instruments with considerable variations in quality. In order to cope with the volume of orders, tasks are given to craftsmen with less experience or to subcontractors. That means small workshops outside the company are engaged to manufacture instruments which after completion receive the company label. This is common practice in the west today and would not be a problem if the finished instrument would meet the quality standards of the brand name. All this is very regrettable because India has a lot of experience in manufacturing excellent musical instruments at its disposal and is able to strike a chord with the deep knowledge of classical Indian music which is unique worldwide.

On the basis of all this, long-term experience, good contacts and inclusion of permanent quality checks on-site are necessary for the procurement of musical instruments from India to make sure that only good instruments will arrive here in Germany. This has been commented on above.

So when ordering an Indian musical instrument from TARANG, you are always on the safe side. It is our philosophy to satisfy our customers in every respect. We would like to avoid any activity that goes along with dissatisfaction of a customer or returning because of false expectations or return shipment with money back guarantee. For this reason we do not have an anonymous shopping cart payment system. You place your order and we will send you an order confirmation with the exact shipping costs. Only then you pay and your order is considered to be accepted by you. If you have any questions, please check back with us. We are happy give advice.