General Information about the Harmonium

The harmonium is an instrument that is indispensable in India and that is used in the religious field, in classical music, in folklore and for playing within the family. It owes its popularity mainly to the easy handling. The functioning of the harmonium can be compared to the accordion. Air is pumped into an enclosed space by means of bellows. With a keyboard it is possible to open specially defined holes, through which the pumped air is then pressed. The reeds attached to the openings (double, triple or quadruple reeds) are set vibrating and so produce the desired note.

TARANG's existing harmonium offer is the result of more than 20 years of experience with harmonium manufacturers in India. The self-evident requirements of the West regarding consistent quality, precise processing and consideration of complaints are not natural in India. This is also true of the large harmonium manufacturers known in the West, whose production capacity in their own production is only to a small extent sufficient to carry out incoming orders worldwide. Most of the orders are outsourced to the surrounding regional manufacturing companies. And this has a very unfavorable impact on quality. In order to ensure consistent quality, a permanent influence and quality control of the importer from the West is indispensable on the spot. Based on long experience, our customer can assume that he receives only several times verified harmoniums with regard to quality, sound and functionality.


In the past, our focus was on foldable harmoniums of different makers because we thought then that these were easier to handle when frequently transported. But since these harmoniums are double in weight and because the many mechanical parts are more susceptible to problems and since padded flexible carrier bag are avaolable now, we have decided to favour the free-standing models from now on. Considering the lighter weight (about 8 -10 kg), the practical carrier bag and the lower price, there is really no point any more in favouring foldable harmoniums.

Our standard model is a PALOMA free-standing model. It is an excellent starter model with good workmanship and sound quality.

The premium model is also from the PALOMA product line and is a free-standing model. Workmanship and quality are considerably better than those of the starter model. Also the materials used for making them are of better quality.

This is an innovation by the company Haribhau Vishwanath. The instrument is considerably lighter and almost half as thick. This makes it easy to use with full mobility. The travel model generally comes with a plastic carrier bag which protects it from dust and scratching and which makes it especially suited for carrying.

Since there is no harmonium in the PALOMA product line that is equipped with an octave coupler except the Scale Changer model, one instrument by the company Monoj Kumar Sardar remains in our product range. This instrument is equally excellent in workmanship, quality and sound production. The possibility to use the octave coupler allows you to activate the corresponding lower octave with every pressing of a key. This results in blowing up to four reeds simultaneously (in the case of the Scale Changer even 6 reeds). The coupler thus gives the possibility, together with double or triple reeds, to produce a particularly powerful, voluminous sound.

The Scale Changer Model by PALOMA is foldable and especially carefully crafted and is characterised by a harmonious full sound. The keyboard has 42 keys and thus supplies a tonal range of 3 3/4 octaves. 5 fully adjustable drones are possible. The triple reeds make sure that every tone is equipped with three reeds (two of them in different timbres for the medium octave and one for the higher octave). Three registers ensure with different settings that very varied individual sounds can be achieved by blowing the reeds either separately or together. The complete keyboard can be shifted (scale changer). The keynote can be chosen in semitone steps from G sharp to E.

By this, you can very easily play a piece of music higher or lower (transposing). The option of using an octave coupler allows you, with every pressing of a key, to activate the corresponding lower octave which results in blowing up to six reeds at the same time. The coupler thus gives the possibility, together with the triple reeds, to produce a particularly powerful, voluminous sound.