Mini Premium Harmonium Pakrashi

Mini Harmonium Pakrashi


Mini Premium Harmonium By Pakrashi
Teakwood with Bag
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Size: H 23,5 cm - W 43 cm - D 31 cm
Weight: 6,9 kilo

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Sound Sample

Sound Sample of a Mini Harmonium Pakrashi

You hear complete melodic range with two registers; three-note-chords in middle range

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The Premium Mini Harmonium from Pakrashi is a very compact and light harmonium, ideal for kirtan and mantra singers who often want to take their harmonium with them on their travels. The keyboard has only 27 keys, but the range of 2 1/4 octaves, from f - g, covers almost all kirtans and mantras. The double reeds ensure that each note is equipped with two reeds (for middle and lower octave), which produces a full, warm tone. 2 stop slides allow for a wide variety of timbres by allowing the reeds to be blown either separately or together. The Harmonium has an excellent build quality and higher quality materials, but it has only 27 keys compared to the 39 keys of a standard keyboard. The Premium Mini Harmonium is a compact version of the Premium Harmonium and, like it, a high-quality instrument.

Due to its compact dimensions, the Mini Harmonium has a considerably smaller outer and inner bellows compared to a normal-sized harmonium and therefore has a considerably smaller air volume available. Particularly when playing chords, it is sometimes necessary to pump the outer bellows vigorously and quickly in order to maintain the same volume.

The harmonium has a side-operated bellows with several folds, is made of high-quality teakwood lacquered with matt shellac, has metal fittings, carrying handles and a padded case.

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Founded in 1922 by brothers Sudhir Chandra Pakrashi and Hem Chandra Pakrashi. In 1978, Sudhir's son Suphal Pakrashi took over the management. In the meantime, Sudhir's grandson Suvojit Pakrashi is the third generation to run the business. Pakrashi is known for high quality and groundbreaking innovations. Among other things, Pakrashi has invented sliding keyboards (scale changers) and folding mechanisms for harmoniums. The latest development is the use of plastic instead of wood for the key rods. This makes it possible to manufacture precisely fitting support bars for all keys, which do not warp due to climatic fluctuations or ageing.

Tuning of the Harmonium

The harmonium models offered by us are tuned in India to the western standard A 440 Hertz. In our climatic conditions, the tuning is at a minimum higher 441 - max. 442 Hertz. Even a trained ear is not necessarily able to hear this and most of our musician clients can accept this minimal higher tuning. However, with instruments whose tuning can not be easily adapted, problems may arise. If this is the case, please let us know. If necessary, we can tune a harmonium to 440 Hertz for an extra charge. Other tunings which are far away from the 440 Hertz, such as the often requested 432 Hertz cannot be tuned, it has to be ordered in India, The waiting period is several months. Just ask us if you would like to have a Harmonium on that tuning.

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Mini Harmonium Pakrashi  Mini Harmonium Pakrashi  Mini Harmonium Pakrashi  Mini Harmonium Pakrashi  Mini Harmonium Pakrashi  Mini Harmonium Pakrashi 
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Article: Mini Premium Harmonium Pakrashi inclusive the Bag
Price: 619.-- Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., exclusive of Shipping Costs »
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