Harmonium & Shrutibox Overview


TARANG's existing harmonium offer is the result of more than 20 years of experience with harmonium manufacturers in India. The self-evident requirements of the West regarding consistent quality, precise processing and consideration of complaints are not natural in India. This is also true of the large harmonium manufacturers known in the West, whose production capacity in their own production is only to a small extent sufficient to carry out incoming orders worldwide. Most of the orders are outsourced to the surrounding regional manufacturing companies. And this has a very unfavorable impact on quality. In order to ensure consistent quality, a permanent influence and quality control of the importer from the West is indispensable on the spot. Based on long experience, our customer can assume that he receives only several times verified harmoniums with regard to quality, sound and functionality.

Choosing The Right Harmonium

When it comes to the question of choosing which of the harmoniums that we offer is suitable for you, this is usually not hard to decide when you consider the following basic differences of the instruments. Considering also the price it will then very quickly have a shortlist of one or two preferred instruments (if you still have questions, please call us or send us an email).

Standard Harmonium

Is a low budget an essential factor or will the harmonium be used only rarely? In this case we can recommend, without any doubts, the standard harmonium. In view of the low price, this instrument offers a good price-performance-ratio plus it has all the equipment of a fully-fledged harmonium.

Premium Harmonium

Since the Premium Harmonium by PALOMA has a significantly higher quality of material and workmanship, we mostly recommend this model, provided the customer does not need any extras such as octave coupling or a scale changer which are integrated in other models. The Premium Harmonium has a wonderful sound, is robust, reliable and manufactured with high-class material. Its waxed surface gives it a beautiful look and shows to full advantage the natural grain of the wood. A high-quality standard harmonium for all who love their instrument and play it regularly. The sound intensity is by all means sufficient without a coupler; it is loud enough not to be drowned by group singing. Together with a fitting plastic carrier bag, this harmonium with its weight of ca. 8 kg is easily transportable and has a clear advantage over the heavy 17 kg foldable harmonium. With the Premium Harmonium you will receive an all-round excellent instrument which you will enjoy for a long time.

Travel Harmonium

The Compactina model would be an alternative on this level if you were looking for an especially compact and easily transportable harmonium that does not take up much space. It has a more slimline design and is supplied with a carrier bag. It has the same equipment as the Premium Harmonium and is thus a good alternative when you wish an even lighter harmonium that is often transported. Compared to the heavy foldable harmoniums, this harmonium is certainly an alternative. There is not such a big difference, however, compared to the light weight of the Premium Harmonium, but the compact build and the slimline design may make this harmonium your favourite. Look at the measurements and the weight on the product pages, compare the data with those of the Premium Harmonium that has similar equipment and so try to find out if the Compactina Harmonium is an alternative for you.

Premium Harmonium with Coupler

This Harmonium has a so-called octave coupler. If this is an extra that is advantageous for your purposes, then this would be the harmonium of your choice. The choice of available applications of the octave coupler allows you to activate the corresponding lower octave with every keystroke. This results in up to four reeds (for the scale changer: six reeds) being blown at the same time. The octave coupling makes it possible, together with the double reeds of the Premium Harmonium, to produce a particularly strong, voluminous sound. You have to consider, however, that the more reeds are blown, the more air has to be supplied by the bellows, but the instrument has a large, long running bellows volume. If you play together with large groups of singers and need an especially voluminous, powerful sound, this Harmonium could the instrument of your choice.

Scale Changer Harmonium

A foldable harmonium for which you do not need an additional bag but which weighs more than twice as much as the other harmoniums because of additional material and the necessary mechanics. In exchange it has triple reeds, an octave coupler and a scale changer i.e. the complete keyboard can be shifted (scale changer). The keynote can be chosen in semitone steps from G sharp to E. Thus you can simply play a practiced piece of music lower or higher (transposing). A wonderful harmonium with all the extras. Please read further details on the product page.



TARANG carries three different Shrutibox models by two different makers. One manufacturer supplies a model in two different sizes. You can see the differences on the product pages. A further small Shrutibox made from teak wood completes the product range with an instrument that has a very beautiful look due to the waxed teak wood finish that shows the natural grain of the wood to full advantage.