Scala Changer Harmonium Paloma

Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma


Scale Changer Harmonium: 37 Keys -
Triple Reeds - 5 built in drone stops
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Size: H 19 cm - W 61 cm - D 36 cm
Weight: about 17 kg

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Sound Sample

Sound Sample of a Paloma Scale Changer Harmonium

You hear complete melodic range with three registers; three-note-chords in middle range

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A high-quality harmonium with full tonal range. The keyboard has 37 keys and a scale changer and thus supplies a tonal range of 3 3/4 octaves (45 tones);. 5 adjustable drones are possible. The triple reeds make sure that every tone is equipped with three reeds (for higher , medium and bass octave; - female, male and bass). Three registers ensure with different settings that very varied timbres can be achieved by blowing the reeds either separately or together. The complete keyboard can be shifted (scale changer). The keynote can be chosen in semitone steps from G sharp to E.

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By this, you can very easily play a piece of music higher or lower (transposing). The option of using an octave coupler allows you to activate the corresponding lower octave with the result of blowing up to six reeds at the same time. The coupler thus gives the possibility, together with the triple reeds, to produce a particularly powerful, voluminous sound. You should consider, however, that the more reeds are blown, the more air has to be supplied by the bellows, but the instrument has a large, long lasting bellows volume.

This harmonium of the PALOMA series has sometimes a shellac varnishing (see pictures). This has an especially good effect in this case and gives the harmonium a classy appearance. Mostly it comes in the typically waxed surface of the PALOMA series which shows the natural grain of the wood to full advantage. Instead of the usual shellac varnish, this wax finish is more temperature-resistant. Slight scratches can be treated significantly easier. And it looks beautiful with also classy appearance. Darkness of the wood is same. If it is important for your decision, you may ask us which version is available at the moment before you order.


The international trademark "PALOMA" stands for instruments by the manufacturer Haribhau Vishwanath from Mumbai in India. The company was founded in 1925 and has developed from a small repair shop to one of the leading harmonium makers over the last decades. They also make string and percussion instruments. Due to the good infrastructure and the long years of experience in instrument making, Haribhau is able to supply all the popular harmonium models in consistently excellent quality of workmanship.

Tuning of the Harmonium

The harmonium models offered by us are tuned in India to the western standard A 440 Hertz. In our climatic conditions, the tuning is at a minimum higher 441 - max. 442 Hertz. Even a trained ear is not necessarily able to hear this and most of our musician clients can accept this minimal higher tuning. However, with instruments whose tuning can not be easily adapted, problems may arise. If this is the case, please let us know. If necessary, we can tune a harmonium to 440 Hertz for an extra charge. Other tunings which are far away from the 440 Hertz, such as the often requested 432 Hertz cannot be tuned, it has to be ordered in India, The waiting period is several months. Just ask us if you would like to have a Harmonium on that tuning.

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Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma  Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma  Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma  Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma 
Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma  Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma  Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma  Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma 
Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma  Scale Changer Harmonium Paloma 
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Article: Scale Changer Harmonium with Coupler Paloma, Case and Bag
Price: 1.349.-- Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., exclusive of Shipping Costs »
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