Shrutibox Teak Wood small Version by Paloma

Shrutibox Teak Wood small


Shrutibox small made of Teak Wood
inclusive of bag
Price: 369.-- Euro
Inclusive of 19% V.A.T.,
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Size / Weight

Size: H 22 cm - W 30 cm - D 7 cm

Weight: 1,75 kg

Sound Sample

Sound is like Harmonium Sound

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TARANG offers an especially small and compact Shrutibox model that leaves nothing to be desired concerning workmanship, the use of materials and functioning. Also, the warm, powerful and balanced sound is convincing. 13 chromatically tuned notes from c to c' (or C3 to C4 in scientific notation). Each of the twelve semitones can be used as a keynote and combined with a fifth or fourth above or below it to create a full, sustaining overall sound. It consists of solid teak wood and impresses with its classy waxed surface which shows the natural grain of the wood to its fullest advantage and gives the instrument an elegant appearance. The pumping capacity of this small compact Shrutibox is considerable. Admittedly, it requires some practice to achieve a balanced note. This Shrutibox is ideally suited for a rhythmic dynamic way of playing. For accompanying overtone singing we absolutely recommend the large version of the Shrutibox by Monoj Kumar Sardar., or if you are attracted to this teak wood model you may also have a look to the big model of tea wood.

For further general information on the Shrutibox please click on the navigation link »Information. Please also have a look to our video samples which show in how many ways you can use a Shrutibox »Video Samples

The Shrutibox models offered by us are tuned in India to the western standard A 440 Hertz. In our climatic conditions, the tuning is at a minimum higher 441 - max. 442 Hertz. Even a trained ear is not necessarily able to hear this and most of our musician clients can accept this minimal higher tuning. However, with instruments whose tuning can not be easily adapted, problems may arise. If this is the case, please let us know. If necessary, we can tune a Shrutibox to 440 Hertz for an extra charge.


Tuning to 432 hertz we have as standard without extra charge only the large Shrutibox Paloma and the large Shrutibox v. Monoj Kumar Sardar available. For the other shrutiboxes we can make you an offer for an extra charge for the conversion. Just ask for it.

Shrutibox Teak Wood small  Shrutibox Teak Wood small 
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Article: Shrutibox Teak Wood inclusive of Bag
Price: 369.-- Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., exclusive of Shipping Costs »
Export Price outside EU »