When processing every single order we strive to satisfy our customer. We understand very well that when you buy a new instrument, you enter into a close relationship with that instrument. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, in any case you wish that after many hours of practising you will be rewarded by a pleasant and joyful feedback from your instrument. When the instrument is not satisfactory, the joy of learning and playing will be lessened and the progress will be hampered. We would like to lend our support so that you will experience the maximum joy with your new instrument.

With imports from India a particular amount of scepticism is by all means required. Too many instruments originate from this country, which do not deserve the name instrument since quality, manufacturing and sound leave a lot to be desired. Especially from India many products originate which are rather souvenirs made for tourists than instruments, because the tourists are expected to use these merely for decorative purposes. Also the lack of accuracy and expertise in Indian manufacturing must often be criticised.

For this reason we are very alert when selecting the instruments we offer you. We do stock different price categories but on principle we act on the assumption that even the lowest price category must be an instrument which you can play on. All instruments come from small to medium-sized workshops which are specialised in certain instruments and which have acquired a special reputation among Indian professional musicians, in some cases even over many generations. Every single one of our instruments offers a high level of quality regarding material, craftsmanship and sound which is unusual for Indian standards and which is based on the latest state of knowledge in instrument making. No matter what price category: from TARANG you will always receive a quality product of lasting value.