Sitar Full Deco Monoj Kumar Sardar

Professional Sitar Full Deco by MKS


Sitar Full Deco Monoj Kumar Sardar
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Size: L 126 cm x W 36 cm x D 30 cm

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The Full Decoration Sitar in comparison with the Simple Deco Sitar is not only characterised by the more luxurious and more intricate decorations but these are also the expression of a more professional instrument which is on a considerably higher level in craftsmanship as well as sound quality than the Simple Deco Sitar of the same manufacturer. The Full Deco Sitar has a potential which will only develop during a longer break-in period. Also the materials for this instrument meet the highest demands, particularly the wood that is especially selected and very well dried.

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The Sitar has a genuine, balanced and harmonious sound pattern with a dynamic range, an instrument for musicians with high demands who are looking for an instrument with a slim, compact and smooth tone.

It is part of the sound concept to produce a closed Jowari. So the bridge has been ground with utmost care. A clear, differentiated sound with a somewhat restrained yet distinct and clear richness in overtones is a characteristic of this branded Sitar. In the past, the bridge of a Sitar was ground in a way that it produced an open Jowari. The resulting overtones which sound exuberant for today's taste and the buzzing of the strings have been abandoned for quite some time now, at least for professional Sitars. Today's sitarists prefer a closed Jowari. Since the year 2000, plastic bridges are being used instead of the previously common horn or bone bridges. The advantage is that these bridges maintain the Jowari much longer and do not have to be reground because they are much harder than their predecessors. If the bridge is not reground, the closed Jowari changes over the years and, due to the abrasion of the strings on the bridge, the sound pattern comes closer to an open Jowari again. This only happens, however, when you play your Sitar intensively and regularly over many years.

As a traditional instrument manufacturer in the centre of Kolkata, Monoj Kumar Sardar supplies the whole range of Indian instruments and instruments from the folklore range as well as some western instruments. Monoj Kumar Sardar supplies a reliably good quality, both in processing and in sound characteristics, and can in every respect be called a manufacturer of excellent instruments with a good price-performance ratio.

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Professional Sitar Full Deco by MKS  Professional Sitar Full Deco by MKS  Professional Sitar Full Deco by MKS  Professional Sitar Full Deco by MKS 
Professional Sitar Full Deco by MKS 
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Article: Sitar Full Deco by Monoj Kumar Sardar
Price: 1.189.-- Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., exclusive of Shipping Costs »
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