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Hansa Vina


Hansa Vina
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The Hansa-Vina has been newly developed by the renowned manufacturer Monoj Kumar Sardar from Kolkata. It has five guitar strings and is played in slide technique. Some people may know the name Vishwa Mohan Bhatt who, with his resonant string guitar (Mohan Vina), has demonstrated this in an excellent way together with Ry Cooder in the joint Grammy awarded production "Meeting by the River". In addition to the 5 guitar strings, there are four drone strings and 13 resonant strings. The Hansa-Vina can be held and played like a Sitar or a guitar. The melody is produced by a bottleneck which is put on a finger of the left hand. The Hansa-Vina can also be put flat on the lap while sitting cross-legged and be played by bottleneck from above

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As a traditional instrument manufacturer in the centre of Kolkata, Monoj Kumar Sardar supplies the whole range of Indian instruments and instruments from the folklore range as well as some western instruments. Monoj Kumar Sardar supplies a reliably good quality, both in processing and in sound characteristics, and can in every respect be called a manufacturer of excellent instruments with a good price-performance ratio.

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Hansa Vina  Hansa Vina  Hansa Vina  Hansa Vina 
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This Instrument is not on stock but can be ordered in India on client's request.