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Mohan Vina Concord
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The shape of the corpus is similar to a traditional Gibson jazz guitar. Bottom, ribs and neck are made of mahogany, the cover is made of spruce and the fretless fingerboard is made of rosewood. Mounted to the sides of the fingerboard are 12 sympathetic strings which run under the playing strings over a small flat horn bridge, as with the Sitar. For playing the melody, there are three strings (2 steel, 1 bronze) and for the rhythmic accompaniment there are five drone strings which are positioned a little bit lower than the playing strings. When playing, the Mohan-Vina it is held in the lap. The fingering of the tune is done on the left with a heavy, polished steel cylinder slide. It is plucked on the right with fingerpicks. But it can also be held like a guitar.

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Even when unamplified, the Mohan-Vina has a strong and full sound which is being enhanced by the silvery overtones of the sympathetic strings. It offers all the potential of the subtly nuanced, melodious and rhythmic playing that is customary in Indian music – and this can, of course, be used in other styles of music, too.

With the Grammy awarded album "A Meeting by the River", Vishwa Mohan Bhatt together with Ry Cooder wrote music history in1994. For the first time, the attention of the musical world outside India was called to the Mohan-Vina, a slide guitar that was modified by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt in collaboration with the guitar maker Concord from Kolkata which has an excellent sound and unique playing possibilities. We offer you exactly this original Mohan-Vina by Concord.

See how to play the Mohan Vina in the following Video Clip by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt an.

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Mohan Vina  Mohan Vina  Mohan Vina  Mohan Vina 
Mohan Vina  Mohan Vina  Mohan Vina  Mohan Vina 
Mohan Vina  Mohan Vina  Mohan Vina 
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Price: 1.190.-- Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., inclusive of Shipping Costs »
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