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Rudra Vina
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The Rudra-Vina (traditional version or the larger Dagar Rudra Vina) is a very old instrument that is surrounded by many legends of magic powers. Unfortunately it is no longer available in a good quality today, as the experienced instrument makers (mostly family businesses with carefully guarded secrets of their art) are gradually dying out. The last of the  Rudra Vina manufacturers was Murari, the founder of the Kanai Lal company in Kolkata. Even well-known manufacturers of good instruments do not take the risk of producing this instrument. Due to the low demand, the experience of how to make it is lacking. Also most of the instrument makers refuse making a Rudra-Vina because they believe it is bad luck to do so.

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Many of the well-known stringed instruments of today originate from the Rudra Vina. In the northern Indian tradition it was regarded as the noblest solo instrument for centuries. Playing technique and repertoire, as well as the art of manufacturing, were carefully kept family secrets. Because of the very exclusive character of the Rudra Vina, because of its difficult playing technique and its very low, highly introvert sound character, it is almost extinct nowadays.

The Rudra-Vina has a long wooden resonance tube. This carries a bridge, frets and pegs. Attached to the tube are two large pumpkin resonators that serve as sound amplifiers. One of the resonators is put on the left shoulder in the traditional playing posture. The player holds the tube diagonally in front of him and sits between the two pumpkins. The four playing strings are fingered and pulled sideways as with the Sitar. They are plucked with alternating strokes of right index and middle finger. Both these fingers have a wire pick. The Rudra-Vina does not have any sympathetic strings.

Possibly a good Rudra Vina will be available in the future in collaboration with a Rudra Vina player. When this happens, it will be announced here.

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Rudra Vina  Rudra Vina  Rudra Vina  Rudra Vina 
Rudra Vina  Rudra Vina  Rudra Vina  Rudra Vina 
Rudra Vina  Rudra Vina 
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