Indian Stringed Instruments Overview

Here at TARANG you will find nearly all Indian stringed instruments. The choice of products includes the whole range from common and well-known to the less known and very rare instruments. The stringed instruments are divided into three categories "plucked instruments", "bowed instruments" and "other stringed instruments".

One of the plucked instruments from India that is best known in the west is undoubtedly the Sitar. TARANG offers a wide range, from the budget-priced starter model to higher-quality branded starter models to sophisticated professional instruments and especially precious gems of Indian branded Sitars. You can choose from different quality and price categories made by different manufacturers in Ravi Shankar style and Vilayat Khan style. On every product page you will find a detailed description of the various Sitars. The Surbahar, the so-called bass Sitar completes the product range.

TARANG also stocks a wide range of different types of the world renowned Tanpura (male, female and instrumental Tanpura) in different quality and price categories and by different makers.You will find detailed descriptions on the corresponding product pages.

Further plucked instrumente such as the Saraswati Vina, the Sarod, the Mohan Vina and a few other rarely played Indian plucked instruments complete the product range.


The Indian bowed instrument that is most well-known in the west is the Sarangi. Although this instrument is by far less popular and less played than the Sitar, the unique sound of the Sarangi holds an irresistible fascination on the listener. Esraj and Dilruba are two further Indian bowed instrumente that you will find within the product range of TARANG in excellent quality.


Two further Indian instruments, that neither belong to the category of plucked intstruments nor to that of bowed instruments, are the Santoor, which is also well-known in the west and is similar to a dulcimer, and the Swarmandal.