Tabla DVD Tutor with 6-Months Routine and Booklet

Tabla DVD Tutor with 6-Months Routine and english Booklet



Tabla DVD Tutor with 6-Months Routine and english Booklet
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This unique tabla course, taught by tabla master Sajal Karmakar, offers a practical opportunity to learn this queen of all percussion instruments. It is meant for every beginner and for everyone who wants to get a clear structure in his tabla playing, correct mistakes in the touch, which leads to a better sound and who wants to learn the basics of rhythm language, which are essential for tabla playing. A 6-month course routine (weekly change of exercises) in combination with a lot of compositions gives you more than just an insight into the art of tabla playing. You will learn the tabla alphabet, special exercises and whole compositions step by step in an easy to understand way. Each syllable and syllable combination is demonstrated very precisely by close-ups of the hands. This course has an extremely practical orientation and does not provide theoretical ballast that a beginner would be overwhelmed with at this point of learning. In a short time you will experience that this course is a fantastic opportunity to learn this instrument in a simple way. Since the Tabla is a classical instrument, it also requires structured learning. A short show, which can be found on the internet, is unfortunately not enough. It requires a structured exercise sequence with a well thought-out exercise plan. This is the only way to ensure progress.

Sajal Karmakar is an experienced teacher for over 4 decades, a leading member of the recognized music school "Payelia" in Calcutta and is on the board of examiners of several music schools. This remarkable course, taught by a highly qualified teacher, is able to lead a serious student from the initial steps to a more advanced stage of tabla playing in easy to learn steps. For over 20 years Sajal Karmakar also came to the Taba School of Tarang to teach for 2 x 1 month per year. Many students who started this DVD course at home alone came to Sajal Karmakar for training and he was positively surprised every time how well the DVD course works.

The textbook contained in the complete set is written in German and English. The book contains, among other things, all important instructions given by Sajal Karmakar on the two DVDs also in German. Even though both DVDs are in English, the lessons are held in simple language and therefore easy to understand. Everything the student has to do is shown slowly and clearly by the teacher and faded in with over 80 panels with the compositions.

Very recommendable! Learn systematically, with a fixed course routine, alone at home! Over a period of 26 weeks you will receive one new lesson per week and a new exercise plan for the coming week. The DVD has an excellent navigation. So you can navigate to and watch the lessons of weeks 1 - 26 as well as the complete lessons. Since the slightest deviation of the fingers on the tabla skin is decisive for the best sound in tabla playing, it is important that you can view the important points again and again.


DVD-Part 1 (49 minutes): History of the tabla; description of the parts of the instrument; tuning of the tabla; tabla alphabet and basics; partial exercises to become familiar with the tabla syllables.

DVD-Part 2 (86 minutes): Various compositions (Kaidas, Tukras and Chakradar Tukra); each new lesson can be selected directly in the menu as well as the individual compositions of the exercise plan. In detail:
- Dha DhaTe te Dha Dha Tu N: 8 Variations + Tehai
- Dha Dha Tere kete Dha Dha Tu Na: 8 Variationsn + Teha
- Dha Ti Dha Ga Na - DheTe Tere kete: 11 Variationsn + Tehai
- Dha - Tere kete Taka Terekete: 12 Variations + Teha
- 5 Tukrs in TinTal
- Chakradar Tukra in TinTal

The compositions are regular traditional compositions played on stage by every tabla player.

1 textbook (90 pages): contains detailed instructions; all compositions of the course; a 6-month course routine (the weekly changing exercise plan) and a question and answer section. The accompanying textbook is available in German and English. In German-speaking countries, the German accompanying book is automatically delivered, unless otherwise requested.

Tabla-Solo Audio CD: A 66-minute studio recording of the tabla master Sajal Karmakar; on the Sarangi accompanies Shri Vijai Kumar Mishra; electronic Tanpura.

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Tabla DVD Tutor with 6-Months Routine and english Booklet  Tabla DVD Tutor with 6-Months Routine and english Booklet  Tabla DVD Tutor with 6-Months Routine and english Bookle  
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Article: Tabla DVD Tutor with 6-Months Rutine and english Booklet
Price: 89,50 Euro, Inclusive of 19% V.A.T., exclusive of Shipping Costs »
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