Female Travel-Tanpura by Monoj Kumar Sardar

Female Travel-Tanpura by Monoj Kumar Sardar


Female Travel-Tanpura incl. Gig Bag by MKS
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Size: L 130 cm; W 22 cm; D 13 cm

Weight about 2,0 kg

Accessories / Teaching Material

Tanpura Imitation Leather Case on request
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Sound Sample

Sound Sample of a Female Tanpura

Enquiring / Ordering

This Tanpura is only available on request and has to be ordered in India.

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Travelling with a male and a female Tanpura is quite often not really a pleasure: the pumpkin corpus is voluminous and bulky and very fragile on top of it. Monoj Kumar Sardar offers an alternative construction where the separation of neck and corpus has been abandoned. Instead, the instrument consists of a continuous long wooden corpus which is tapered towards the peg end – this results in a kind of drop shape.  The length corresponds to that of a traditional Tanpura, the width and depth, however, are considerably reduced. The model is available either with guitar mechanics or with wooden pegs. In material, craftsmanship and with the rounded, sustained overtone sound it is a successful alternative indeed. The keynote can be tuned to F sharp – G sharp.

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The construction of the female Tanpuras is, apart from the size, the same as that of the male ones. With a size of around 120 to 130 cm they are a little smaller than the male Tanpuras, this is why their tuning is around G (F sharp – G sharp), that means their tuning and also their idividual sound are between the instrumental and the male Tanpuras. They are equipped with 4 strings and are traditionally used for accompanying female singers.

The richness in overtones is closely related to the position of the threads which are squeezed in between bridge and strings. The position of the threads changes the bearing angle between strings and bridge and so influences a strong or less strong vibrating/twanging which is responsible for the richness in overtones. If you would like to maintain or change the richness in overtones, you should newly adjust these threads every once in a while in order to keep your favourite sound pattern. This may be necessary with every new tuning of the instrument.

As a traditional instrument manufacturer in the centre of Kolkata, Monoj Kumar Sardar supplies, besides his Tanpuras, the whole range of Indian instruments and instruments from the folklore range as well as some western instruments. Monoj Kumar Sardar supplies a reliably good quality, both in the processing and in the sound characteristics, and can in every respect be called a manufacturer of excellent instruments with a good price-performance ratio.

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Female Travel-Tanpura by Monoj Kumar Sardar  Female Travel-Tanpura by Monoj Kumar Sardar  Female Travel-Tanpura by Monoj Kumar Sardar 
Female Travel-Tanpura by Monoj Kumar Sardar  Female Travel-Tanpura by Monoj Kumar Sardar 
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