Teaching Material on the Classical Indian Dance Kathak


Lehr-DVD Kathak

1. Introduction
2. Namaskar
3. Toda-Tukda
4. Toda-Tukda With Rhythm-Vilambit Laya
5. Toda-Tukda With Rhythm-Madhya Laya
6. Gat Bhav
(A) Panihari Gat
(B) Murali
(C) Ghunghat Gat
(D) Tatkaar
(E) Tai-Ta-Thai

Zeit: 58 Minutes

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Notes on the series: "Teach Yourself...."

The DVD series "Teach Yourself...." , produced in India, offers the chance to get an insight into the Indian way of teaching. All DVDs with the labelling  "Teach Yourself...." are in English and have a duration of 90 - 120 minutes. Since the DVDs were produced for the Indian market, Indian terms are occasionally required. Also, the typical Indian style of teaching sometimes does not really seem plausible and is in parts inconsistent. Also faults in the synchronous progression of image and sound occur. Due to the good price, the abundance of material and the fact that there are sometimes no alternatives on the market we offer this DVD anyway.