Lahara CD-Sets in TinTal


TinTal Lahara CD-Sets

Available in the following 4 tunings:
C sharp, G, A and A sharp

Price: 19,95 Euro
inclusive of 19% V.A.T.

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Produced by David Courtney: wonderful CD sets with Lahara- / Nagma melodies in Tintal. The CDs play in constant repetition a simple melody (Lahara or Nagma) and are designed for accompaniment and as practice aid for Tabla players and Kathak dancers. With these double CD sets every CD player turns into a Lahara machine!

The CD sets have two great advantages compared to the usual electronic Lahara machines: with a set price of 19.95 Euros they are considerably cheaper and with a recording of Harmonium, Santur and Tanpura they offer a considerably more natural, more pleasant sound pattern. Every set consists of two CDs with five tracks of about 15 minutes each which makes a total playing time of 2 x 75 minutes.

Please state the desired tuning on the order form under "Other comments"!

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CD 1

  • Raga Desh 50 bpm (tempo in beats per minute)
  • Raga Desh 60 bpm
  • Raga Desh 70 bpm
  • Raga Pilu 85 bpm
  • Raga Pilu 100 bpm

CD 2

  • Raga Pilu 120 bpm
  • Raga Pilu 140 bpm
  • Raga Pilu 170 bpm
  • Raga Khambavati 200 bpm
  • Raga Khambavati 240 bpm

Tintal-Lahara CDs are available in the following four tunings: C sharp, G, A and A sharp – please always state the desired tuning when ordering! How do you find out which tuning you need?

The easy way:
Order a Lahara CD set in C sharp. The majority of standard Tablas is built for a tuning in this pitch. As a rule you only have to tune your Tabla a little bit higher or lower so that it matches the Lahara CD.

The detailed way:
The four available tunings enable experienced musicians who would like to tune their Tabla to other notes than C# to find at least one suitable Lahara CD for every note of the chromatic western scale. The tunings are selected in a way that every Tabla that corresponds to western notes is tuned on one of the CDs either to Sa (keynote), Pa (fifth), Shuddha Ma (fourth) or Shuddha Ga (major third) and thus they sound harmoniously together. For a better understanding there are two tables below with the different possible suitable combinations:

Lahara: Suitable for Tablas tuned to:
C# C# (Sa),  G# (Pa),  F# (Shuddha Ma),  F (Shuddha Ga)
G G (Sa),  D (Pa),  C (Shuddha Ma),  H (Shuddha Ga)
A A( Sa),  E (Pa),  D (Shuddha Ma),  C# (shuddha Ga)
A# A# (Sa),  F (Pa),  D# (Shuddha Ma),  D (Shuddha Ga)

Tabla: Recommended Lahara set:
C G (good)
C# C# (perfect),  A (good)
D G (perfect),  A (good),  A# (good)
D# A# (good)
E A (perfect)
F A# (perfect),  C# (good)
F# C# (good)
G G (perfect)
G# C# (perfect)
A A (perfect)
A# A# (perfect)
H G (good)

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