Tabla Theka CD-Sets in TinTal


Tabla Theka CD-Sets in TinTal

Available in the following four tunings:
c#, d#, g# and A# - 1 set consisting of 2 CDs

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These CD sets are a wonderful practice aid for everybody who learns to play an Indian instrument or vocals and who cannot or does not want to buy a Tabla machine! The advantage compared to an electronic Tabla is that it is the recorded sound of an original Tabla and Tanpura. It is ideal to choose the same tuning as the instrument that you want to accompany or a fifth or a fourth.

Please state the desired tuning in the order form under "additional remarks"!

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After the CD series with Lahara melodies, David Courtney has now published Tabla Theka CD sets. Each set consists of 2 CDs with a total of 10 variants of the Theka (basic pattern) of Tintal, the most common rhythm cycle of the classical Northern Indian music tradition, recorded with a Tabla and accompanied by a Tanpura.

Tintal consists of 16 beats in groups of 4 and feels similar to the western four-four time. Each track is recorded in a different but steady tempo. The range is from slow 50 beats per minute (vilambit) on track 1 to fast 240 beats per minute (drut) on track 10. So far the tunings c# - d# - g# - a# are available.



1. 50 Beats per min.

2. 60 Beats per min.

3. 70 Beats per min.

4. 85 Beats per min.

5. 100 Beats per min.



1. 120 Beats per min.

2. 140 Beats per min.

3. 170 Beats per min.

4. 200 Beats per min.

5. 240 Beats per min.

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